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The Weekend Of July 4th, 2011!




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We'd like to thank Kelsie at Quik Signs in Spearfish for helping us with banners every year, Kelsie Rocks!

A big THANK YOU to Chippy Warren and all the folks at

Fox Creek Leather for supporting our event! You can read more about Fox Creek Leather on our USA Vendors page.

2010 Event Info! We had a bigger turnout in 2010 than the previous year and got to meet a lot of really good people who turned out to participate in the Tri-State Poker Run and help us raise more money than 2009. CONGRATULATIONS TO SSGT Kevin Nelson, U.S.A.F.!!! Kevin won the high hand of the 2010 Tri-State Poker Run with 4 Aces!!!

Kevin rode up, registered, and said "Give me an Ace" and the first card he drew was an Ace and it started the trend for his ride. He drew 3 more Aces, the 4th Ace was a repeated card so he had to draw another card and he drew a Queen, but he managed to pull the final Ace at the Loud American to still end up with 4 Aces! How many people do you know who ever pulled 5 Aces on a Poker Run???

We did it again in 2009! It was small again and it was a lot of fun (and work!) and we almost saw fireworks at Mt Rushmore... It was too foggy and misty to see any part of the Mt Rushmore Memorial and the only fireworks we saw before we left was the test shot that made some clouds kind of glow pale red. The Tri-State Poker Run started off with clouds and sprinkles but everyone who made the 185 mile ride said it was a great ride and not one rider got rained on. Sturgis to Montana, down to Wyoming and back to Sturgis on some really nice motorcycling  roads. The comment most people made was that it was the first poker run they had been on that took them somewhere and everyone said they would do it again.

We were able to raise $1400 for our Charity Partners for the 2009 Tri-State Poker Run and Raffle and Poker Hand Winners!

Thank you to North Star Leather for once again donating some really nice American Made biker leather wallets for our Raffle!


July 4th started off with very dark clouds as far as you could see in every direction and light sprinkles. We still had bikes pulling up right at 8am to register. Everyone who did the Tri-State Poker Run had a great time and as the day progressed the clouds broke up and no one reported getting rained on during the 185 mile route.

Rich from Colorado (center in lower left Pic) won the High Hand with a Straight, and Carl (center in lower right pic) also from Colorado, won the Low Hand with a pair of 7's. Can you see the little dog under the picnic bench next to Joe sitting on the bench? That dog rode the Tri-State Poker Run! I should probably send the dog a poker run pin.


Rich and his friends from Colorado, and Joe from Battle Mountain, Nevada were a few of the folks staying at the Days End Campground for the weekend.

 We held our Tri-State Poker Run finale at The Days End Campground and had our raffle drawing and Lorna helped us get Eric May and The Center Lane Band. We watched the City Of Sturgis Fireworks the night of the 4th from the Days end and a few of us rode over to the city park to watch up close.

We’d like to give a big thanks to Lorna & Si at Days End Campground, Michael Coronato at The Ponderosa Café, Diane at The Stoneville, Dorothy at The Turf Bar, and Mark at The Loud American, and Laverne at Sturgis Harley Davidson. Rookie at TRD Leather, the folks at North Star Leather, Scarlett at Fox Creek Leather for helping us out with cool stuff for our raffle to raise money for "Make A Wish" and "The Special Ops Warrior Fund"

Customized Memories made our Tri-State Poker Run pins for us. Made In USA of course!

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Excellent idea/I am trying to make a last minute change in plans.  Always thought this shoulda have been done a long time ago.
Tom c,

Even though the weather didn't cooperate at all on July 3rd, when the Fireworks at Mount Rushmore were almost cancelled due to pea soup fog, and clouds so low you couldn't see the Memorial Arches much less the faces. We rode down and they announced a "test" launch at about 9:30pm and all you could see was a slight red glow in the clouds. we hung out for another 1/2 hour and they still hadn't decided if there would be a fireworks show or not and we decided to go to dinner. We found out the next morning they did shoot off the fireworks but you couldn't see much but colored clouds... Last years were killer, we'll hope for better next year.

Smiling faces from folks who did the Mt Rushmore ride. The two ladies on the right were hitch-hiking their way across the U.S. and showed up at the Days End Campground looking for a ride down to Mt Rushmore. You can see how poor the visibility was with the fog and mist.


A few folks were hanging out in Sturgis longer and we went on more rides with a few of them like Gary and daughter Lesia from Indiana who were in the Black Hills on a family riding vacation.

2008: So far in the history of this venture we have been through many ideas of how to put this together. We thought we had the first one all figured out until Woody from the Buffalo Chip sent us this letter via his lawyer. Then we ended up hiring a lawyer to deal with this trademark stuff and the first Sturgis Riders Rally was a very informal meet and greet of riders who still came out to Sturgis even though we could only go for rides and give them shirts.

Here is the 2008 T-shirt/Flyer artwork Flyer

2008 was starting to come together and then...

Because of the following letter I received I am having to put more time, effort, and money into legal stuff than into the event for 2008 but please consider riding out to Sturgis July 4th weekend if you feel the RIDE is just as important as the destination!

Let me thank Michael Coronato at The Ponderosa Cafe in Hulett, Wyoming for being so enthusiastic about trying to get the July 4th 2008 Sturgis Riders Rally and our planned Tri-State Poker Run off the ground. 

A Few Pics Of Riders From July 4th 2008



And a big THANK YOU to Timber

for a great job on our 2008 t-shirt design,

and the Tri State Poker Run ride pin.