A lot of people have commented on the camping set up I use when traveling on my bike. Here is what I use, set up, and packed.

In a medium sized duffle bag I have a 5' x 7' backpacking tent, a nice  thick (when inflated!) air mattress, a sleeping bag, and a battery powered air pump.


Those are my boots so you can see the size of the duffle bag. There is room for more stuff in the duffle, a towel, shower kit, and other things like a spare tire tube, small tool kit, my vest etc.

Here it is all set up! There is room in the tent for the duffle, my tour-bag, boots and jacket and other stuff, and me to hang out comfortably. I wish the tent wasn't black and red as it gets warm quickly inside if you are set up where there is no shade but I try to get spots in campgrounds under a tree, on the side that gets the most shade in the morning in case I'm just not ready to get up that early :) I travel with a light 30-40 degree sleeping bag, which is plenty warm for most spring/summer/fall trips and takes up a lot less room than a lower temperature rated sleeping bag would. Unless you're going to be at higher elevations where it will get down to the 30's a light duty bag will keep you plenty warm.

This tent has a screen rear window, a screen window in the door, and, mesh walls so if you remove the rain fly you can get more breezes. The picture below shows the mesh walls and the clip system that makes putting this up very quickly. The rain fly really does work and even in a REALLY windy, thundering downpour in Wyoming I stayed comfortable and dry. I recommend using the tent stakes unless you are absolutely sure your stuff weighs enough to keep your tent in place in strong winds.

I have a similar tent in 7' x 7' size and would recommend that size if you are closer to, or taller than, 6 feet tall. It also fits in the same duffle bag and works well for two people and gear. Couples traveling on two bikes can split the load of carrying a larger tent/twin air mattress and sleeping bags and still have a very easy to pack and load camping set up.

Here is my bike set up for trips where I camp along the way. The duffle bag is on the seat behind me and the tour bag is on the rack behind the sissy bar on my Wide Glide. An "X" bungee and two regular bungees hold the duffle in place securely.

I hope this gives you some ideas that might work for you to sleep comfortably when motorcycle camping. Ride Safe.


Here is an e-mail I received from someone about motorcycle camping:

Thanks for the info on packing and what to have for riding and camping. I love to ride and camp but never knew what gear  I needed for my bike. Have always wanted to ride my bike up that way. I live in Mississipi and ride alone most of the time. None of my riding friends life to camp but I love it and makes a trip more affordable for a single lady. Only question I have if what type air pump do  I need. Just one of those foots pumps.
Will look for a reply.....thanks again.  Ill be shopping for my tent ASAP......You might pass me one day soon in the Black Hills.  Time for a bike trip.

You really can camp comfortably on a bike, the days of a thin foam backpacker, or no mattress are over! There are lots of campgrounds that have a mix of tent camping, small cabins, and even motel rooms in many rural areas. Try the Gateway campground in Cody, Wy. It's on the way to or from the east entrance of Yellowstone and is across from the best steakhouse in Wyoming, Cassie's!